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FileCopy uses the clipboard to send a file from one machine to another.


The two machines must share the clipboard. This is quite common with remote administration tools. If you can copy some text from one machine to the other, this tool will work.
.NET Framework v3.5+ must be installed on both machines.

Installation / Use

This application does not need to be installed. Simply copy the files and run them.
  1. Place the sender application to the machine that will send the file. Usually the same folder that contains the file you want to send (for easier use).
  2. Place the receiver application to the machine that will receive the file. Put this in the same folder where you want received files to be saved.
  3. On the receiver machine, run the receiver application.
  4. On the sender machine, run the sender application using the command prompt.
    1. The first argument is the file name.
    2. The second argument is the max bytes to send. This is optional. Some clipboards are limited.
The two applications should start talking to each other and the file should be getting transferred.


There doesn't appear to be any progress
Some remote administration tools don't update (or check) the clipboard until they get focus. Try moving the mouse between your own machine and the remote machine. The machines may need a couple of seconds in focus to read the clipboard and update it - don't keep changing focus too quickly.

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